Honest & Outstanding Service

Whether you own a new or classic motorcycle or atv, Bandera Motorcycle & ATV Repair are the professionals you need to keep your vehicle tuned and in proper running condition. You can rest assured that no work will be performed without the customers conscent. We will always let you know what we find and, an estimated repair cost before any work begins. Our honesty and integrity are what we are built on.

Diagnostics & Inspections

Our mechanics are seasoned detectives when it comes to figuring out what is wrong with a vehicle. Combining mechanical intuition with the right diagnostic tools, we can pinpoint almost anything that might be amiss, and fix it.

As a "Full-Service" repair shop, we are able to handle most any repair or maintenance project. From routine services and tune-ups to major engine overhauls. Our service technicians work diligently to insure all repairs and maintainace are performed according to the manufacturers specifications.


Providing inspections, installation, and repair services, our brake inspection and replacement will keep your vehicle safe and you secure while on the road, in the pasture, or in the dirt. From the brake pedal to the rotors and pads, our technicians will check over every part of the system. 


Having the right tires and proper inflation makes for a smoother and safer ride. We carry a wide range of tires and provide all the services necessary to ensure you get the most grip and mileage out of them.

Routine Maintainance & Repairs

Bandera Motorcycle & ATV Repair is a full service repair shop and parts supplier for most brands of Motorcycles, ATV's and UTV's. We strive to provide quality, dependable and affordable parts and service to most makes and models of motorcycles and ATV's. Tire & Oil changes, as well as maintainance services can be scheduled for same day deliver. Out of town emergencies will always take presidence.

Pick up and drop off services are available upon request.

A Full Service Shop